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I am a recent graduate from San Jose State University who was selected to receive a 10,000 Degrees scholarship over four years ago.

Coming from a low-income neighborhood and being a first-generation college student, I needed all the help I could get. 

This scholarship was tremendously helpful—it provided people to support me and helped me financially through school … I had worked hard in high school and went through a lot in life, but all of it was to qualify for scholarships because I knew I wanted to go to college. 

I’ll forever be indebted to those at 10,000 Degrees who support me and people like me through this journey of life and college. Thank you to all the mentors and staff who continuously helped me be able to graduate! 

Makayla Mouton
10,000 Degrees Alumna
San Jose State University, 2021


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“Online learning was difficult for me during the pandemic but thanks to 10,000 Degrees, I had lots of support and they helped me get through the tough times … I have always struggled in school and never thought I’d be able to go to college because of the finances and because I thought I wasn’t smart enough. 10,000 Degrees has supported me to stay in school and I am super grateful for that because now I get to experience life at UC San Diego, one of the top universities in the world and a college I never thought I’d be able to get into. I have had many doubts but with the support of 10,000 Degrees I have decided to continue towards my academic dreams and not give up.”

Joaquin Chavez-Krotky
10,000 Degrees Student
University of California, San Diego 2023 
College of Marin, 2021

“10,000 Degrees has been with me in this journey since high school. They have paired us up with great mentors who are willing to guide you to succeed. 10,000 Degrees has started as a program, but I see them as a family who got your back. Thank you all for the support as I venture on to the next chapter of my life.”

Tashi J. Sherpa
10,000 Degrees Fellow & Alumnus
California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo, 2021
Sonoma Valley High School, 2013

“With 10,000 Degrees, I have been able to get the support I need for school. I’ve learned about how I should transfer, save money, and how I can plan ahead; all things I had struggled with while on my own. In-person classes have been hard because it makes my schedule more complicated, especially on busy days, but I believe that I can get through it with the resources I’ve been given.”

Jennifer Gomez
10,000 Degrees Student
Contra Costa College, 2023

“My experience with 10,000 Degrees has been amazing! Words can’t describe how grateful I am to find a program that wants to make sure you reach your academic goals. With their support I have been succeeding in school and plan to transfer to a university by spring 2022!”

Edgar Correa Saenz
10,000 Degrees Student
Napa Valley College, 2022
Vintage High School, 2019

“Growing up as an undocumented student I always heard phrases such as, ‘You won’t make it in life.’ During these low points, 10,000 Degrees provided the love and support that no one else did. They gave me the opportunity of creating lifetime friendships, connections, and relationships. 10,000 Degrees taught me to believe in myself, my hard work, and my capabilities. Today, I am proud to say that I am a college graduate. With this degree, I hope to inspire other undocumented students of the program who have and continue to face challenges and obstacles in education.”

Johanna Perez Gallardo 
10,000 Degrees Student
San Francisco State University, 2021
Terra Linda High School, 2016

“As a recipient of a four year scholarship from 10,000 Degrees, I’m super grateful to Carla for her support. I was on academic probation during my first two quarters in college. During our check-ins, we set up a plan for the next quarter and determined I needed to be more involved on campus and find more community in order for me to be more academically grounded. It really did help! In my 2nd year I did much better and in my 3rd year, I got all A’s and one B! Carla really helped set me up for success. Now I’m in my senior year and ready to graduate in the spring, many thanks to the support of 10,000 Degrees!”

Magali P.
10,000 Degrees Student
University of California-Riverside, 2022

“10,000 Degrees has been so helpful with applying for college and making it as little stress as possible. They help you during each step of the application process for colleges, applying for scholarships, and analyzing budgets and financial aid for each college! I honestly don’t think I would have done everything on time and at a decent quality without their help.”

Jackie Poon
10,000 Degrees Student
Yerba Buena High School, 2021