40 Years

of College Graduates!

On behalf of all of us at 10,000 Degrees, THANK YOU for your unwavering support throughout our 40 years, but especially, over the last 20 months.

Inside, you’ll see a glimpse of the brilliance of our students and alumni, and the countless ways you and your generosity enabled us to connect our students to the resources, programs, and support they needed to stay strong, positive, and engaged with their education. This year, you helped us to grow our Fellowship program, reach 12,000+ students, support 2,400+ in college, and celebrate 209 college graduates!

Thank you for standing with us and believing in a better world.

With love and gratitude.

“Students deserve the chance to work hard, pursue their education, and build a career. Organizations like yours are vital to that mission. Congratulations, 10,000 Degrees on 40 years of changing lives and building our future, ONE DEGREE at a time.”
Dr. Jill Biden
Professor, Northern Virginia Community College First Lady of the United States

“My dream is to create hope and opportunity for students today. I want to help fulfill their dreams and change the lives of young students who will be the next generation of scholars in our community.” 

Pepe Gonzalez

10,000 Degrees Honorary Board Member & Alumnus
Principal, Laurel Dell Elementary School
M.A., Sonoma State University, 2008
B.A., Dominican University of California, 2002

10,000 Degrees® is the leading, equity-focused scholarship provider and college success nonprofit in California.


To achieve educational equity and to support students from low-income backgrounds to and through college to realize their full potential and positively impact their communities and the world.